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Alchemy For Life

Life is made of three things

Not sugar and spice, or a box of chocolates, but simply Time, Energy and Resources. Thats it.


We all get the same amount, and everyone tries really hard to spend it on what they want to do.


It takes energy to be a good listener, to work out, to go to work, to be a fun partner, a good mom or dad, and to get your chores done.


Your stuff, your money, the favors you can call upon. Your exotic vacation takes resources, so does paying for piano lessons for your daughter.

How it works

Alchemy For Life uses a straightforward method, it's as easy as...

  • Create an account at & fill out balance sheet
  • Engage your coach, discuss your sheet, create YOUR goals
  • Make notes, communication is ALWAYS open
  • Enjoy more balance, less stress and free time you didn't think you had.

You will get measurable, tangible, recordable results

  • A map of what you are currently doing with time, energy and money
  • A clear understanding of what you're doing too much of
  • How to change your actions and schedule to think smarter
  • Accomplished goals created by you
  • A skilled coach
  • Unique software created just for this purpose

Custom Tools Exclusive to AFL

Alchemy for Life uses video coaching to connect with clients, utilizing a remarkable system and on line tools created just for you. The Balance Sheet helps to see where you're spending your efforts. Goals naturally spring from that, and notes are kept jointly by you and your coach.

Video Coaching

Solid video coaching, with white boarding. Both coach and you talk and see the balance sheet at the same time. Your coach can even draw on your screen to show you connections.

The Balance Sheet

The Balance Sheet, exclusive to Alchemy For Life, makes it perfectly clear where you are spending your time resources and efforts. Clients immediately get a visual on something that is normally hard to visualize.


Goals are created naturally. Coaching is about what YOU want, not the coach.

One Hour

Your time is important. You'll never spend the first 20 minutes 'catching up.' With the online notes by both you and coach, you'll always have a base to work from.

Location Free

AFL Coaching is done via video so location is not an issue. It's done from the comfort of your home. Travel time adds up.

Flexible Hours

Early hours work best for you? Or perhaps after work, or a Saturday? That's OK.

Free Consultations Available

Schedule a free telephone consultation. Fill out the form to the right.


Your account, goals, conversations with your coach, are all accessable 24/7.